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Samsung Repair Service :: Samsung M800 Instinct - Welcome to

Samsung M800 Instinct

Samsung M800 (Instinct) Camera Replacement Service 

CODE: M800Camera

$74.99   $49.99
In stock
Problems with the camera? Not working? Maybe broken...? not a problem you might just need the Samsung M800 Instinct camera repair or replacement service.

Samsung M800 (Instinct) Charging Port Replacement Service 


$84.99   $64.99
In stock
Your Samsung M800 (Instinct) will not sync! It will not charge! Your Samsung M800 (Instinct) is in need of a charging port repair. We will replace the... More

Samsung M800 (Instinct) Housing Replacement Service 

CODE: M800Housing

$124.99   $99.99
In stock
Want to make your Samsung M800 (Instinct) look brand new? Housing broken? Too many scratches? We can change the entire housing on your Samsung Instinct M800... More

Samsung M800 (Instinct) Keyboard Replacement Service 

CODE: M800Keyboard

$64.99   $44.99
In stock
Keypad not functioning? Are the two bottom keys not working or missing? We can replace the keyboard on your Samsung Instinct.

Samsung M800 (Instinct) LCD Replacement Service 


$199.99   $124.99
In stock
Samsung M800 (Instinct) can end up with a scratched Touch Screen or if dropped even a cracked touch screen and LCD. We can help! This service is for both the... More

Samsung M800 (Instinct) Mic Replacement Service 

CODE: M800Mic

$64.99   $44.99
In stock
You can hear when you call, but people complain that they cannot hear you. Your Samsung M800 (Instinct) needs to have the microphone replaced. We can provide... More

Samsung M800 (Instinct) Speaker Replacement Service 

CODE: M800Speaker

$64.99   $44.99
In stock
Is your Samsung M800 (Instinct) working perfect except it only vibrates or stays in silent mode? You will need this repair if your Instinct will not ring or... More

Samsung M800 (Instinct) Touch Screen ONLY Replacement Service 


$124.99   $74.99
In stock
Samsung M800 (Instinct) can end up with a scratched Touch Screen or if dropped even a cracked touch screen. We provide a touch screen replacement service for... More

Samsung M800 Instinct

The Samsung Instinct is a touch-screen smart phone with a simple front place. This elegant and stylish phone comes with a user-friendly and responsive touch screen with sensory feedback, a 2 mega pixel camera, MR-3 firmware update that makes internet browsing faster, a 3/5mm headphone jack that allows the use of normal sized headphones. This device can also view Google Maps and GPS functions and has excellent speech-to-action capabilities.

Ameritronix Trading has professional experienced technicians who can handle any damage to this sleek and chic Samsung model with expertise. We have satisfied hundreds of Samsung using clients through our affordable and expert repair and part replacement services and have managed to become the best in cell phone repair business.