Samsung i617 Blackjack 2

Samsung i617 BlackJack II Camera Replacement Service 

CODE: I617Camera

$74.99   $49.99
In stock
Problems with the camera?? Not functioning right? Maybe broken...? not a problem you might just need the Samsung i617 Blackjack II camera repair or...

Samsung i617 BlackJack II Charging Port Replacement Service 


$84.99   $64.99
In stock
Your Samsung i617 (Blackjack 2) will not sync! It will not charge! Your charging port needs to be replaced. We can replace the charging port on your...

Samsung i617 BlackJack II Housing Replacement Service 

CODE: I617Housing

$99.99   $74.99
In stock
Want to make your Samsung i617 (Blackjack 2) look brand new? A different color? Too many scratches on the housing? We can replace the entire housing and make...

Samsung i617 BlackJack II Keyboard Replacement Service 

CODE: I617Keyboard

$84.99   $59.99
In stock
Is Keypad not functioning? Are some of the keys not working or missing? Broken keyboard on your Samsung Blackjack II ? We can replace the keyboard on your...

Samsung i617 BlackJack II LCD Replacement Service 


$164.99   $74.99
In stock
White screen, ink spots, cracked LCD Screen, if you have any of these issues with your Samsung Blackjack II, then you need this LCD Replacement service for... More

Samsung i617 BlackJack II Lens Replacement Service 

CODE: I617Lens

$44.99   $24.99
In stock
Replacement service for the plastic LENS covering the LCD screen for the Samsung i617 Blackjack 2. 

Samsung i617 BlackJack II Mic Replacement Service 

CODE: I617Mic

$74.99   $49.99
In stock
You can hear when you call, but people complain that they cannot hear you! Your microphone or Mic needs to be replaced on your Blackjack 2. We can replace... More

Samsung i617 BlackJack II Speaker Replacement Service 

CODE: I617Speaker

$74.99   $49.99
In stock
Your Samsung i617 (Blackjack 2) is not making any sounds? It only stays in silent mode or vibrates? your speaker on Blackjack II needs to be replaced. We can... More

Samsung i617 BlackJack II Unlock Service 

CODE: I617Unlock

$49.99   $24.99
In stock
Do you have Tmobile or another GSM carrier and you want to use yourSamsung i617 (Blackjack 2) with your current service provider? You will need to get your... More

Samsung i617 Blackjack 2

This ultra thin and shiny cell phone from Samsung family brings you top notch multimedia options which are an upgrade from the previous Blackjack model. Samsung i617 Blackjack 2 sure is a phone to own with a 2 Mega pixel digital camera, Streaming Multimedia Support, Bluetooth Wireless Technology, QWERTY Keyboard, GPS Services Support, Voice-driven Menus and many other features that are just brilliant.

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