Samsung A767 Propel (AT&T) 

Samsung A767 (Propel) Camara Repair or Replacement Service 


$74.99   $49.99
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Having problem with the 1.3 mega pixel camera of your Samsung A767 Propel ? Camera not functioning properly or has been damaged due to a mishap? No... More

Samsung A767 (Propel) Charging Port Repair or Replacement Service 


$84.99   $59.99
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You need to get the charging port of your Samsung A767 (Propel) replaced if your cell phone does not sync or charge. We at Ameritronix Trading only use... More

Samsung A767 (Propel) Flex Cable Repair or Replacement Service 


$64.99   $49.99
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The Flex Cable of your Samsung A767 Propel has probably been damaged if the mobile screen flickers on and off or your phone freezes up every time you slide... More

Samsung A767 (Propel) Housing Replacement Service 


$99.99   $74.99
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Need a new look for your Samsung A767 (Propel) ? Ameritronix Trading can do that for you. We provide complete housing replacement service at affordable... More

Samsung A767 (Propel) Keyboard Repair or Replacement Service 


$89.99   $64.99
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Are you having problem with the key pad of your Samsung A767 (Propel) ? Is the key pad missing keys or not functioning at all? Don’t panic. We have... More

Samsung A767 (Propel) Mic Repair or Replacement Service 


$64.99   $49.99
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The Mic of your Samsung A767 (Propel) is probably damaged if you can hear when you call, but people complain that they cannot hear you over your phone.... More

Samsung A767 (Propel) Speaker Repair or Replacement Service 


$64.99   $49.99
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Your Samsung A767 (Propel) always stays in silent mode and does not make any sound? Are you missing important calls due to your phone not ringing? No need... More

Samsung A767 (Propel) Unlock Service 


$49.99   $34.99
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Are you currently using a Tmobile or another GSM carrier but want to use your Samsung A767 (Propel) with another service provider? Then you need to get... More

Samsung A767 Propel (AT&T) LCD Replacement Service 


$149.99   $98.99
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Don’t panic if you have a white screen, or ink spots bleeding on your Samsung A767 Propel . It means that the LCD of your phone has either been... More

Samsung A767 Propel (AT&T)

Samsung A767 Propel is a slider phone with a full QWERTY keyboard and a 2.2 inch display. You can enjoy texting, emailing, and instant messaging on this wireless phone and can also insert pictures, video clips, sound clips in your messages. AOL, Yahoo! and Windows Live Messenger can be used for messaging.

Other salient features include GPS, 1.3 mega pixel camera with 4X zoom, MicroSD memory expansion up to 8 GB, MP3 player, Bluetooth and MEdia Net for wireless internet access.

Ameritronix Trading has experts that can handle any damage or part replacement for this phone with ease. When you send your Samsung A767 Propel to us for repairs, you can rest assured that it will delivered repaired as new, within a fast turnaround time and at reasonable price. We use only highest quality parts for repairs.