HTC Surround Repair

HTC Surround Charging Port Repair or Replacement Service

CODE: htcsurroundcp

$64.99   $49.99
In stock
Your HTC Surround will not sync! It will not charge! Your charging port needs to be repaired or replaced. Ameritronix Trading provide this repair for your...

HTC Surround Hearing Speaker Repair or Replacement Service

CODE: htcsurroundhs

$69.99   $49.99
In stock
When you are having hearing issues with your ear piece speaker, bring it by today and we will replace your speaker while you wait!

HTC Surround Housing Replacement Service

CODE: htcsurroundhousing

$119.99   $94.99
In stock
Want to make your HTC Surround look brand new? A different color? Too many scratches on the housing? We will replace the entire housing on your HTC Surround... More

HTC Surround LCD Repair or Replacement Service

CODE: htcsurroundlcd

$149.99   $99.99
In stock
Replacement HTC Surround LCD Screen Repair service. Cracked screen on your HTC Surround, or is the LCD bleeding on your HTC Surround? No problem. we carry... More

HTC Surround Mic Repair or Replacement Service

CODE: htcsurroundmic

$74.99   $49.99
In stock
You can hear when you call, but people complain that they cannot hear you! Your Microphone or Mic needs to be replaced on your HTC surround. 

HTC Surround Touch Screen digitizer Repair or Replacement Service

CODE: htcsurroundts

$129.99   $89.99
In stock
HTC Surround can end up with a scratched Touch Screen or if dropped even a cracked touch screen. we can help! We provide a touch screen replacement service... More