HTC HD 2 Touch Screen Repair and Replacement Service

CODE: htchd2tlcdsr

$109.99   $79.99
In stock
HTC HD 2 Cracked Screen? HTC HD 2 Cracked glass? HTC HD 2 Smashed Screen ? we can provide a fast turnaround on your HTC HD 2 Cracked Screen repair.

HTC HD2 LCD & Touch Screen Replacement Service

CODE: htchd2ltsrs

$159.99   $119.99
In stock
If your screen is cracked or unresponsive and your HTC HD2 has a white screen or bleeding ink spots and lines running through the screen, you have a broken... More

HTC HD2 Battery Replacement

CODE: htchd2br

$69.99   $49.99
In stock
Is your HTC HD2 battery draining, need a new battery? we can replace your battery and have you in full charge in not time!

HTC HD2 Charging Port Replacement

CODE: htchd2cpr

$74.99   $59.99
In stock
Your HTC HD2 Mobile Dash will not sync! It will not charge! Your HTC HD2 Mobile is in need of a charging port repair. We will replace the charging port on... More

HTC HD2 Housing Replacement

CODE: htchd2hr

$159.99   $99.99
In stock
Is your cell phone looking too old? Too many scratches on the Phone? Are you interested in making it look brand new again? we can replace the entire housing... More

HTC HD2 LCD Screen Replacement Service

CODE: htchd2lcdsrs

$119.99   $79.99
In stock
HTC HD2 LCD replacement, this service only replaces the underlying LCD, such as a bleeding LCD, a white screen, or LCD's with the tye dye effect.