HTC EVO Battery Replacement Service

CODE: htcevobrs

$99.99   $49.99
In stock
Is your HTC EVO Battery draining very quickly? You might need to have the battery replaced. we can provide you with a new battery replacement service today! More

HTC EVO Ear Peice Speaker Replacement Service

CODE: htcevoesr

$84.99   $64.99
In stock
People can hear you, but you can’t hear them on your HTC EVO Mobile ? This repair fixes that problem by replacing the ear piece speaker on your HTC EVO Mobile

HTC EVO HEADPHONE JACK Replacement Service

CODE: htcevohjrs

$89.99   $59.99
In stock
You can’t hear anything on your HTC EVO Mobile headphones? It is very likely that the headphone jack has been damaged and needs to be replaced. We provide... More

HTC EVO Housing replacement Service

CODE: htcevohrs

$99.99   $84.99
In stock
Is your HTC EVO scratched up and the housing on the HTC EVO is chipping off. We can give your HTC EVO a face lift and replace all the housing on it,... More

HTC EVO LCD and Touch Screen Replacement

CODE: htcevotsandlcdrs

$159.99   $109.99
In stock
Dropped your phone? Cracked your screen? Touch Screen isn't responding to your touch? Get in touch with us to replace your LCD and Touch Screen. We'll make... More

HTC EVO LCD Replacement

CODE: htcevolrs

$119.99   $89.99
In stock
This is a high quality HTC EVO LCD/Screen replacement  service. It is used to replace faulty screen and will fix the issues like dead pixels, wrong... More