Cell Phone Repair Service Form

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Getting your cell phone repaired is very easy. All you have to do is follow these simple steps to send us your damaged device and we will repair it and send it back within fast turnaround time.

Fill out our online Repair Request Form with details and ship your damaged cell phone to the address provided below. Or fill out a print out of the Request Form manually. Send a copy of the Repair Request Form (or print out) with your cell phone to our Repair Center at:

Cell Phone Hospital

On-Line Repairs
5959 Hillcroft.
Houston TX 77036

We will contact you with confirmation and for repair details as soon as we receive your cell phone. You will be required then to make payments for the repair service. You can contact us anytime for your cell phone repair progress or any related queries.

The repairs are done with utmost care and precision and within quick turnaround time. Hence we make sure that you receive your repaired cell phone as early as possible.

Rest assured we NEVER share client information with a third party. All your data will remain SAFE and SECURE.